POND is an interactive installation made in Unity for the event ENIAROF @ art school of Aix en Provence .
It represent a pond , and is projected from the top down , on a wood rectangle elevated 10 cm from the ground .
It has a Atari like joystick which controls one of the fishes swimming in the pond , and the goal is to , once the controlled fish is found , direct the fish through a series of 3 point placed at random , then though the exit of the pond .
At this point in game , the fish is removed from the pond and simultaneously printed on a cash register type ticket .

The name of the installation is a reference to one of the oldest videogame : PONG , a game where the controller used was of the potentiometer type , the same as used in the installation .
The structure of the interaction is of “金魚すくい” (Kingyo Sukui) or Goldfish scooping , where in Japanese Festival , kids scoops fishes with a paper scoop , and if successful , can bring the fish back home .